Which rock singer would admit to have Mariah Carey as their biggest idol?

Can Monarc, the lead singer from DO I SMELL CUPCACKES Not only through his job as a model agent is he capable of combining complex and diverse themes, but also through his Germany and Turkish cultural background. So fusing genres like indie rock-opera and R’n’B is natural for him.

The debut album ‘MAKE THE BIG BOYS HIRE ME’ of the trio will be released on February the 9th 2018. It was mixed by US well-known Chris Badami, which includes work from Bonaparte and Jennifer Rostock. Badamis ability to mix Monarcs vocal range that reaches through falsetto within the framework of heavy guitar rhythms, groovy basses and punching drums, made 14 anthems possible. Throughout each song you can hear the lead singer’s vocal inspirations he grew up with, like Destiny’s Child or the song bird supreme Mariah Carey herself.

Starting fall the band will be on a non-stop tour from Germany through Japan with their debut album and of cause their lead single ‘DANCE ON’. So be eager with suspense to experience this awesome trio.

The debut album „MAKE THE BIG BOYS HIRE ME“ of the trio was released on Februar the 9th, 2018.

Can Monarc – Vocals
Dennis Depta – Guitar
Jon-Jakob Gendner – Drums

Release des Debut-Albums „Make The Big Boys Hire Me“ am 09.02.2018


Do i smell Cupcakes sind Gewinner des Artist Portraits von Volkswagen Garage Sound. In zwei Interviews stehen sie Rede und Antwort.

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„Hochklassiger Pop-Rock, Chart-verdächtig und unter diesen Gesichtspunkten maximal anspruchsvoll bzw. individuell gestrickt. […] ‚MAKE THE BIG BOYS HIRE ME‘ erweist sich als abriebfeste wie massentaugliche Scheibe, also als Garant für Dauerpräsenz in Radioplaylists und Musikanlagen von Pop-Hörern mit Geschmack, die es ja immer noch geben soll.“


„opulente, dezent elektronische Indie-Rocknummern im stadiontauglichen BreitwandSound“


„Ein ganz einzigartiger und spezieller Sound, der sich zwischen Indie Rock & R’n’B bewegt und das Publikum mitreißt.“